How To Find New Machinery?

How to find new machinery?

I thought I would tackle an issue we see quite regularly on the platform. How to find new machinery? Companies want a good deal, thats for sure! The problem? There is so much choice out there, how do we find the right product for us? Do we spend weeks calling, emailing and waiting for all the information to arrive? Do we stick with what we know? In this age of technology is there a solution? We dive into some of that below!

Sourcing machinery can be a pain.

If you are on this page , the chances are you are associated to the industry in some way and are interested in the process of purchasing machinery in one of the stages of the buying process. Lets start to look at some of the factors of the process.

Stage 1  – Awareness – Identification of a problem.

Your business has identified an application that needs machinery to process. Maybe that’s a new business opportunity crushing and recycling aggregate in an industrial setting, maybe you are screening out skip fines from shredded waste or it’s an existing line that needs up-dating. Great! Now what?

How is machinery currently sourced?

Stage 2 – Consideration – The research phase!

An application has been selected, the type of machinery (roughly) identified. Just like on the consumer spectrum, even in industrial and manufacturing industries, 67% of purchases are influenced by digital (Google, 2019). However, Is this a clear process? Try to google (other search engines are available) recycling machinery and be faced with 64,200,000 results! How do we find the right plant through all of that? Maybe the best plant in the world have a terrible marketing department and sit 12 or 15 pages deep, will you scour all this data to find out? Probably not

Industry probelm - pain

Do we seek help?

Most companies will have a person or company that they work with who will distribute a line of machinery. Typically called a dealer. This dealer will have one or two brands they represent and will choose one of their machines to suit your application. They are a valuable source of information as they will have seen numerous plant all over the country and can advise very well on suitable solutions. How many do you have to contact to get a full picture? Is this the right product for your application or their sales forecast? It’s hard to tell right away!

Maybe you have a person in-house who is really experienced with machinery and can give a great account of brands and machinery types they have used in the past! Super useful and its always great to have first-hand experience that they can turn to your business and hit the ground running! This works really well but, can they keep up to date with the latest trends and machinery available? Possibly not, that’s a full-time role in its own right!

Is there something that can help?

Mathan Hub is a free tool to do just this. We offer free and impartial advice. In a world of too much information we use unique algorithmic solutions to make sure you find the right solution for your application based on your specifications. We get information directly from you such as; Technical specs, Application details, footprint, lead time etc then we deliver a comprehensive list of suitable solutions. You don’t have to spend hours navigating multiple websites or calling dealers who will see this as an invitation to bombard you with calls or trying to see what competitors are using.

One form, one comprehensive list of solutions, one decision; Yours!

Feeding from this information you are empowered to make the right choice. Then the decision feels like yours and the dealer of your choice can talk you though the finer details of the buying process. On your terms.

search - find - verify

Stage 3 – Decision Time.

The above two stages went so well, we decided to throw another one in there!

Now, you know you have all the research, you are confident you have taken all the advice that you can, its about making the right choice for your business! Maybe you have found a new manufacturer and a new solution so a new relationship has began and the business moves into an exciting new phase as staff fight to have control of the new toy! Or maybe you went with a pre-existing relationship and have added an upgraded version of a model you know and the staff will fight over control of the newer model! We cant help you with that I’m afraid!

Next we move to a new topic, After-Sales, but thats for another day!

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